Foto: Max P. Martin

The Mattering Instinct - 6. Mai und 7. Mai 2022
The lecture performance THE MATTERING INSTINCT brings dance, philosophy and social criticism together on stage. The philosopher Rebecca Newberger Goldstein with her concept of "mattering instincts" is the starting point for the piece. The performance is in English original language (translation of the text is available).
Choreography and dance: Cecilia Ponteprimo, Lorenzo Ponteprimo and Janet Grau
Location: Heiliggeistkirche, Heidelberg // 6. Mai, 8 p.m. // 7. Mai, 3 p.m.

Foto: Daniel Scheuermann

Listening in Wild Places - 
26. Mai / 27. Mai / 28. Mai / 29. Mai 22
LISTENING IN WILD PLACES addresses the current state of the world and aims to provoke deeper individual and collective awareness and reflection. The interactive outdoor performance asks both the artists and the audience, as members of society, to engage together in deep listening practices which question their thoughts, words, and actions - in hopes of restoring some parts of our relationship with nature and each other, therefore treating others and the planet with more care and respect. 
Choreography: Amelia Eisen / Dance: Elisabeth Kaul, Mike Planz, Kirill Berezovski, Michael Bronczkowski / Live-Music: Güldeste Mamaç
Location: Altes Klärwerk, Mannheim / Time is coming soon
Autonomy of Pleasure - 24. Mai 2022
The dance performance Autonomy of Pleasure explores questions about the eternal perpetuation of an image of sexuality that denies a radical singularity of the Other, and aims to question familiar habits of thought and perception about sexuality, eroticism and pleasure.
Choreography: Miriam Markl / Dance: Cecilia Ponteprimo, Rouven Pabst, Lorenzo Ponteprimo, Sarah Herr
Location: Heiliggeistkirche, Heidelberg / Time is coming soon
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