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19:00h , Altes Klärwerk Mannheim - Diffenèstrasse 29

Listening in Wild Places WA 2024


"Listening in Wild Places" addresses the current state of the world and aims to inspire deeper individual and collective awareness and reflection. The interactive outdoor performance asks both the artists and the audience, as members of society, to engage in deep listening together and to question their thoughts, words, and actions - in hopes of restoring some of our relationship with nature and each other, and thereby treating each other and the planet with more respect."

An outdoor dance production by Amelia Eisen, co-created with Elisabeth Kaul, Michael Bronczkowski, Mike Planz, Kirill Berezovski, Güldeste Mamaç, Rüdiger Krenkel & Altes Klärwerk Mannheim.

Photo: Tizian Arnholdt

* Includes a workshop on the 15th of June! (Details on Website)
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Die diesjährige Wiederaufnahme wird vom Kulturamt Mannheim gefördert.